Gamechanger // The Foundry Seoul

feb 22 – may 11 2024


Catalogue with text by:

Jowoon Park,Joowon Park, Curator, National Museum of Contemporary Art (MMCA), Seoul.

Ashton Cooper, curator, writer, and art historian based in Los Angeles. Currently the Luce Curatorial Fellow at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, where she was part of the curatorial team for Made in L.A. 2023: Acts of Living


Holding Space

Karpidas Collection, Dallas TX, February – May 2023





Muses Having Fun.

Hans Alf Gallery (HAG) Copenhagen.

February 25 – Marts 26  2022


Opening at Hans Alf Gallery in Copenhagen Feb 25. 2022.



at The Tennis Elbow at The Journal Gallery

January 21 – Feb 3rd  2022








Mie Olise Kjærgaard


Women flying and riding. Women playing tennis and ride bicycles. Women drinking and demonstrates. Women living life. Since 2019 that has been the theme of Mie Olise Kjærgaard’s colorful and often fabulous paintings. Her work has been grounded in thoughts on women’s life – historically and in the art. Now Mie Olise sums up her work in recent years with the book publication Disobedient Muses exposes at the same time a selection of her sources of inspiration.

In the book is Mie Olise’s paintings thus accompanied by photos of some of history’s groundbreaking women, Among other things, the suffragettes; women who threw the corset and sat cross-legged on the horse.

To pay homage to female artists throughout history, Mie Olise refers in her work titles too other works by female artists. It should also be seen as an extension of that unity between women who have historically been instrumental in creating change.

The book is supported by the New Carlsberg Foundation and published by Aftryk.

Title: Disobedient Muses

Author: Mie Olise Kjærgaard – Text Katherine Bradford – Book design by Nicolai Bejder Studio – Hardcover halfbind. 24,5 x 32,5 cm – 164 pages – 1st edition – ISBN: 9788797278116



DISOBEDIENT MUSES*  2019 – ongoing.

The newest works are occupied with characters, – actually only women(maybe with their children). Olise is working with waves of feminism, from the women rights movements, to the liberation and equality fight – towards a more fantastic world with fantasy creatures and women, girls and witches teaming up together with nature and fabulous animals.

She is working with the female gaze and women being the subject of her own desires in her painterly works – still roughly painted with large brush strokes, drops and layers.

The new body of work will be presented at a solo show at Tennis Elbow in New York opening January 21 2022, as well as in a now book, Disobedient Muses*, published by AFTRYK.


*Les Insoumuses (a play on words that combines insoumise – unruly or disobedient – and muse), a female artist group, making projects in France in the 1970s.




A series of works inspired by Womens Liberation, Suffragates and the time in history where women took off the Corsettes, to play Tennis, ride a Bike or a Horse. The women as the subject, looking straight back to you, without shame or any wish to be pretty for the spectator.
Hysteria was Olises 2nd soloshow at Hans Alt Gallery in Copenhagen, may 2020.




For a decade Olise worked with constructions and paintings seperated. In recent years the wooden installations and the paintings has merged together. Starting out as `dishonest constructions` as a part of the Venezuela museum show Discontinued Monuments, the installations are site-sitespecific and want to work with painting as a sculptural object rather than the window on the wall, that it initially was.


SELECTED WORKS // 2013-2018

– from shows in Denmark, Houston, Berlin, Los Angeles, Italy, Venezuela and England.


SELECTED WORKS // 2009 – 2014

Large-scale works made at residencies at Skowhegan, Berlin and Iceland, mainly from the exhibition project `The Esquisite Capabilities of the Flying Carpet´  at first museum soloshow at SKIVE NY KUNSTMUSEUM, SNYK.

text by Tina DiCarlo here