Since graduating her MFA Mie Olise Kjærgaard always worked with painting and big wooden constructions.
In recent years, the wooden installations and the paintings has merged together. Starting out as `dishonest constructions` as a part of the Venezuela museum show Discontinued Monuments, the installations are site-sitespecific and want to work with painting as a sculptural object rather than the window on the wall, that it initially was.



Kjærgaard has been drawing on a huge large-scale city map for years, drawn by pencil. Tugged away in her studio in secrecy, the map works as a source for her paintings, as she continuously develops the city-map.
The paintings of Moirania are views from the life going on in Moirania, Kjærgaard calls these paintings for Cityscapes of Moirania.

Moirania (after Moira) is a fictional dystopic place, – a flooded world, where people and animals go around by boat and there are reminissences of designerbags, trainers and present popular items, lying useless around.
Kjærgaard paints her large scale paintings with polluted water collected from places of polluting industries, fx from the Gowanus Canal (NYC), which she biked over on the way to the studio for years, or Cheminova, at the brink of Limfjorden in Denmark, where Kjærgaard grew up.

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At Art OMI Kjærgaard started to work on ceramics and glazing them, the idea of ancient vases with images from the possibly futuristic life from Moirania was the starting point. Then she went on another ceramic residency to create large scale vases.


SELECTED WORKS // 2013-2018

– from shows in Denmark, Houston, Berlin, Los Angeles, Italy, Venezuela and England.


SELECTED WORKS // 2009 – 2014

Large-scale works made at residencies at Skowhegan, Berlin and Iceland, mainly from the exhibition project `The Esquisite Capabilities of the Flying Carpet´  at first museum soloshow at SKIVE NY KUNSTMUSEUM, SNYK.

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