94 Prince St NEW YORK
NY 10012


April 30th – May 28 rd , 2013

The city, however, does not tell its past, but contains it like the lines of a hand, written in the corners of the streets, the gratings of the windows, the banisters of the steps, the antennae of the lightning rods, the poles of the flags, every segment marked in turn with scratches, indentations, scrolls.

-Invisible Cities; Italo Calvino

THE ROTARY above Fanelli’s is pleased to announce Elapsed Intoxications, Mie Olise´s first solo show in New York City.

Olise will present paintings and small installation pieces inspired by her recent time spent near her studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Composed in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, this new body of work is a fitting advancement of themes already familiar in Olise`s oeuvre: substantial structures seemingly floating on canvas, balanced impossibly on wooden beams, oftentimes without any tangible foundation. These visual tropes are prevalent in Olise`s work in part because of their personal significance—reflecting memories of her nautical upbringing in Denmark—but are moreover an expression of conjecture; Olise`s dream-like musings on abandoned structures maybe fully formed through the gestures of her paintbrush, but the literal rootlessness of these musings is also clear.

In the wake of the storm, however, Olise has access to the collective memory of a cityscape not rooted in her own recollections or dreams, but rather in the immediate and omnipresent—at the crux of when the Present becomes Memory. The immediacy of these memories informs her work in Elapsed Intoxications, giving her structures a new grounding and life.

Mie Olise lives in Brooklyn and Copenhagen. She is currently working on a major museum show for the Museo de Arte Acarigua-Araure in Venezuela. Past US shows include Honor Fraser, LA; Barbara Davis, Houston, TX; Mixed Greens Gallery.