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Mie Olise Kjærgaard

Mie Olise Kjærgaard works in painting, sculptural objects and installation. Since graduating her Master in Fine Art in 2008 and based on her architectural studies, her work has focussed on the theme of the ”man-made construction”, through which she investigates both the nature of the architectural construction – as well as how a construction describes the society, it is a part of.

In her latest work, Olise Kjærgaard has investigated modern ruins in Latin America, and how these contemporary ruins are deserted and occupied again; in horisontal layers, with new architectural strategies – very different from the original ideas about function and appearance. This project is now exhibited at Museo de Arte Acarigua in Venezuela under the title ”Discontinued Monuments”.
In architectural terms, breaking with the initial constructural idea, is called a ”dishonest construction”, – which is what Kjærgaard is calling her recent body of work.

Kjærgaard has travelled to societies in different stages of disrepair: twice to the Arctic Circle, to investigate an abandoned Russian mine town, The Pyramid; and to New Foundland in the tracks of the writer/character Espen Arnakke, which was the topic of the solo show at Kunsthalle Nikolaj (DK) in 2012. In recent years She has started to be interested in fake ruins and -aechology as well as fictional ideas about society and construction.

Kjærgaard has exhibited at UMOCA – Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, MFAH – Museum of Fine Art Houston, MAAA – Museo de Arte Acarigua, Venezuela; Nikolaj Kunsthal (DK), SNYK – Skive New Museum of Art, (DK), Torrance Art Museum in LA; Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston Texas; Honor Fraser, LA; Samuel Freeman, LA; Duve Berlin and Galleri Kant in Copenhagen.

Kjærgaard holds an MFA from Central St. Martins in London and a Master in Architecture from Aarch, Aarhus(DK)//The Bartlett, UCL, London (UK). In recent years she has been based between London, New York and Copenhagen; travelling to recidencies in Iceland, Berlin and Skowhegan, Maine.


In the Howl at the Moon studio. Copenhagen. February 2018.

Photo: Ida Kvetny