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The Artist as Maverick Architect, talk @The Royal Academy, London. March 21.

I am excited to take part in the talk: The Artist as Maverick Architect at The Royal Academy in London together with:

Pablo Bronstein – artist, selected for the 2016 Duveen Commission at Tate Britain
Tamsin Dillion – Curator, Kings Cross Development
Sean Griffiths – artist and architect; former director, FAT; Professor of Architecture, University of Westminster (chair)
Mie Olise Kjærgaard – artist, working in Denmark and USA
Maria Lisogorskaya – architect, Assemble; Turner Prize winner 2015


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New Litographies at Edition Copenhagen.


First week at Edition Copenhagen turned out in these two litographies, 12 colours and a LOT of rehearsal zig-zagging 😀  The process is the most fascinating, and at this place, your are in the BEST´EST hands,-)


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Commission for Sticks´n´Sushi at Canary Wharf in London.

In april and may I went to London to get on the lift and make a 20 m long wall-commission for the restaurant Sticks´n´Sushi.

Construction-site at Canary Wharf. first part.



After the opening. part 2.far left is the flying city. Connected to the house on stilts by a ladder going behind the curtain. The ship I painted post opening, while people eating around,-)

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MASTEBROEN (the bridge of masts), a public commission in the City of Holbaek.

I finally finished the commission, Mastebroen, for the City Council of Holbaek.

Based on Holbæks history as a harbour city, and especially the fact that Holbæk origined around the “Ship-Bridge”, I have been interested in the image of shipmasts in the harbour.
For centuries the life of a harbour could be read by the amount of shipmasts that was moving in its waters. From a long distance these masts was the image of the relation with exotic parts of the world. The ships would bring foreign loads, new people – and if life would get too tough, they were the way out- for the dream or the escape.

The project is created with support from Hasløv and Kjærgaard Architects.